Cook (Idlewyld Manor)

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Part-time

Position Summary

Reporting to the Food Service Manager and/or Assistant Food Service Manager, the Cook is responsible for the safe preparation and service of all foods for Residents, Visitors and Staff at Idlewyld Manor.  The Cook uses standardized recipes, maintains portion control and follows production sheets determining appropriate quantities of food needed to meet menu requirements.  The incumbent is responsible for safe food handling practices and for proper sanitation in keeping with Ontario Regulation 243/84 under the Health Protection and Promotion Act.  The position involves walking, standing, bending, lifting, carrying and moving through areas of the department where the temperature may vary.


Must have completed/obtained a Cook’s diploma from an approved college and/or have the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Classification.

Must possess or be able to obtain the Food Handlers Certificate as offered by Public Health Services within 60 days of employment and renewed every 5 years.

Must have practical knowledge and proven skill in institutional quantity cooking/quantity meal preparation. 

Must be able to read, understand and write in the English language; must be able to follow verbal and written instruction.

Must be able to maintain a clean/sanitary work area.

Must be able to meet the physical demands of the position which include but are not limited to: standing, shifting, leaning over stoves/grills, reaching, bending, lifting/moving items of variable weights (e.g. roasting pans, cases of food items).

Must be able to maintain regular and consistent attendance, be punctual and meet pre-determined deadlines for meal preparation.

Must be able to maintain a clean and tidy personal appearance and adhere to relevant health and safety regulations/procedures.


Duties and Responsibilities

            While specific assignments may vary on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the following outlines the general expectations of the Cook:

  1. Resident Food Service:
    • Preparation of all foods indicated on the cycle menu (including special diet and diet texture variations) for Residents, Visitors and Staff using standardized recipes and portion sizes.
    • Assists with the development of new standardized recipes as required following HACCP Guidelines.
    • Schedules food preparation such that items preserve taste, nutritive value, appearance, and food quality
    • Monitor and record food and equipment temperatures to prevent contamination and food borne illness.
    • Follows food production schedules as provided by the FSM/AFSM. Ensures that all supplies and equipment required for daily food preparation are ready and available.
    • Discusses menu substitutions with the FSM/AFSM as required. Completes meal substitution information on production sheets as changes are made. Assists with menu planning in consultation with the FSM/AFSM.
    • Communicates and cooperates well with employees who are assisting in the food preparation area, maintaining a high standard of quality food production and exercising good judgment and initiative.
    • Organizes, prepares and delivers catered functions as required.
    • Completes the scheduled audits for temperature and acceptability of meal items.
    • Checks quantity and quality of stock received and notified FSM/AFSM of deficiencies
    1. Sanitation and Safety:
      • Checks equipment and preparation methods regularly to ensure that safety and sanitation standards are maintained.
      • Reports concerns of the department including repair and maintenance requirements to the FSM/AFSM in a timely manner.
      • Ensures proper storage conditions and rotation of food supplies and leftovers. Dating and labeling of foods is essential.
      • Cleans and sanitizes all equipment/surfaces used during the day.
      • Cleans equipment as per posted schedule daily
      • Ensures that the appropriate clothing including head wear is worn at all times in accordance with facility policy and procedure.
      • Cooperates fully with inspections from Public Health or the MOHLTC and implements recommendations as directed
    1. General:
      • Attends Nutrition and Food Services staff meetings, department and facility in-services.
      • Performs all duties in a safe manner consistent with Idlewyld Manor Policy.
      • Performs other duties in a safe manner and assumes other responsibilities as required/assigned.
      • Adheres to Provincial Occupational Health and Safety legislation and the facility Occupational Health and Safety Policies and Procedures
      • Complies with MOHLTC Standards and Idlewyld Manor policies regarding Resident safety.
      • Acts as supervisor to the kitchen staff team in absence of FSM/AFSM